Magnetic assemblies

ALNICO magnets

ALNICO magnets

AlNiCo materials, mainly composed of aluminium, nickel and cobalt alloys are characterised by excellent temperature stability, increased residual induction and relatively increased energy.

At around 800°C, Alnico alloys have certain increased Curie points than any other magnetic material on the market. They are often used in applications requiring increased working temperatures up to 450°C.

AlNiCo magnets are manufactured in one sunken piece, or through a sintered process. They can be made in complex shapes. AlNiCo magnets have a low coercive force, and can easily be demagnetised if they are not handled with care.

Certain types of AlNiCo magnets are isotropic, and can therefore be effectively magnetised in any direction. Other types, such as Alnico 5, 8 and 12, are anisotropic, having a determined magnetisation direction.

FMR magnets

FMR magnets

The FMR (Full Magnetic Ring) is a multipolar stator ring, magnetised radially.

This magnet is now available from NdFeB and SmCo ferrite.

It is assembled and supplied in accordance with reduced tolerances.

Magnetic connections

Magnetic connections

We design and produce special magnetic connections.

Technical characteristics

  • Special Design

Special design :

In accordance with your needs and your specifications, we are able to:

  • Offer a magnetic assembly, which is adapted to suit your requirements,
  • Carry out technical research and fully define the technical assembly,
  • Create a totally bespoke magnetic assembly.

Our specialist engineering teams are also available to you to help you in your research, your studies and projects.