Radially-directed sintered Neodyme magnet rings

Until recently, magnetic rings were composed of separate magnets, joined together, the only solution to achieve a magnetic solution requiring a circular shape made up of multipolar magnets.

Henceforth, MAGMA has developed a new technology: a circular-shaped magnet magnetised radially.

This defining feature allows a more significant magnetic force to be achieved from the ring.

This new MAGMA design is revolutionary, as if offers an innovative solution to a known and existing need.


  • Specific geometry,
  • Variety of configurations,
  • Consistent spread of the magnetic field,
  • Simplification of the design and the assembly,
  • Profitability.

Technical characteristics

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  • Magnet force line distribution
  • Sizes and shapes
Magnet force line distribution
of normal orientation
Magnet force line distribution
of radial orientation
Magnetization direction
Magnetization direction
Multi-poles Uni-pole
Multi-poles Multi-poles Uni-pole
Several sizes and shapes
Maximum external diameter 60 mm
Minimum inside diameter 25 mm
Maximum thickness 7 mm
Minimum thickness 2 mm
Maximum length 25 mm
Tolerances +/- 0,1 mm
Surface treatment
Epoxy, etc ...

Special design :

In accordance with your needs and your specifications, we are able to:

  • Modify an existing product,
  • Create a totally bespoke product.

Our specialist engineering teams are also available to you to help you in your research, your studies and projects.