Supplier of high-end magnetic components

Since 1984, the Company TLM has been a specialist in supplying magnetic components.

We offer all products and accessories for designing transformers: toroids, cut cores (C-Cores, E-Cores) and transformer laminations (EI, EE...).

We also offer many innovative and efficient industrial magnetic products: solenoids and electromagnets.

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Composants transport énergie
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We have implemented a satisfaction policy, in order to be more responsive to your requirements, and to have more flexibility in answering your expectations.

Our objectives are to supply you with high-quality products, at competitive prices, and to offer you a partnership service with your purchases.

Our strategy: to work with skilled, responsible and competitively-priced manufacturers

  • To maintain our competitive position,
  • To satisfy our clients,
  • To be a part of a mutually rewarding relationship.

TLM is a supplier of high-end magnetic components :

Find descriptions of our catalogue products, and contact us if you need any existing component modifying, or if you need a bespoke model created, so that we can respond specifically to your requirements.

Tape wound core
C-cores & E-cores