Kool MU - MPP - High Flux cores

Iron powder magnetic cores have many exceptional characteristics:

  • Increased resistivity,
  • Low hysteresis,
  • Low Foucault current losses,
  • Excellent inductance stability.

We supply iron powder toroids from partner network stocks. Our importing channels, as well as our great relationships with our freight forwarders allow us to guarantee very short delivery lead times.

Technical characteristics

  • Materials and dimensions
Material composition dimensions
KOOL MU Al – Si – Fe 4mm to 165 mm
MPP Ni – Fe – Mo 4 mm to 165 mm
HIGH FLUX Ni - Fe 12 mm to 165 mm

Special design :

In accordance with your needs and your specifications, we are able to:

  • Modify an existing product,
  • Create a totally bespoke product.

Our specialist engineering teams are also available to you to help you in your research, your studies and projects.